5 Mistakes People Make When Writing a Press Release

Knowing how to write a good press release for whatever your business may be is a relevant and important skill. By knowing how to develop an informational, easy-to-read press release, you will surely reap the benefits of the news coverage your company will receive.

Here are 5 mistakes that people tend to make when compiling a press release. By keeping these common mistakes in mind, you’ll be able to develop a press release that has the potential to be featured on across newswires and blogs.

1. Ignore Your Audience
When a company develops a new product or hits a big milestone, the employees tend to want to shout this news to anyone and everyone. People writing press releases have the tendency to not consider who their target audience is. Consider who you are trying to reach and develop your release accordingly.

2. Start With General Information
If the first sentence of your press release starts out with your company’s mission statement or a small history of the business, stop immediately. Don’t make it hard for your audience to find specific, detailed information. The longer it takes the reader to find the 5 W’s, the less effective your press release will be. Save the more general details and company information for the boilerplate at the every end of your release.

3. Include Too Many Details
Honestly, less is more when it comes to a press release. Say what you need to say, then stop. Nobody wants to read your 3000-word, novel-like press release. Start with the details, fill the body with quotes and summarize what your company brings to the industry. If you have more to say regarding your business, include a link to the company website.

4. Forget to Include Links
Many people make the common mistake of announcing the launch of a new product or service and forget to include the information or link to where prospective customers can purchase it. Including a few links in your press release to help drive traffic back to your website. But don’t overdo it. Make sure to triple check that your URLs are live and correct.

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