How NOT to Write a Press Release for Your Awards Program

Contrary to what many companies believe, the press release is not dead[1]. Well, maybe certain outdated tactics are, but the awards marketing and advertising potential of a press release hasn’t changed.

The perfect press release is something of a science, requiring the right construction to be effective. And while you search for “how to write a press release” I’m going to show you how NOT to write a press release.

Note: This is a silly, fictionalized press release I’ve created for your amusement.

The Yuppy Puppy Gets Their Twentieth Facebook Like

Washington, D.C.: Today, The Yuppy Puppy, a bespoke clothing brand and accessory line created for the most stylish dogs, announced that they have reached 20 likes on the social media platform Facebook. When Yuppy Puppy was first getting started, they decided to get the word out about their products through social media. After trying out several different platforms, they are now focusing their efforts mainly on Facebook, but also Pinterest and Instagram. After joining Facebook five years ago under a different name, The Yuppy Puppy is proud that consumers are realizing the practicality of designer dog wear.

At their store in the heart of Washington D.C., The Yuppy Puppy held an event to celebrate their achievement. At the celebration, the found of Yuppy Puppy said, “We are so happy to be doing something unique that we love. To quote Ernest Hemingway, ‘Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the Romance of the unusual.’”

The twentieth like comes from Pam Eranian, a 45-year-old woman hailing from San Francisco, California. Yuppy Puppy reached out to Pam Eranian for comment who said, “Being the twentieth Facebook life is a magical experience for me and my 5 pomeranians and I’m so glad to be a part of this company. My dogs prefer the best, and I can only find the hippest clothes for them at designer prices here. It’s truly surprising that more people don’t understand the benefits of dressing up their dogs in the hippest accessories and clothing. It truly baffles me.”

The company’s store features a luxurious design complete with a dog hair salon on the premises to help create a complete look for any dog that walks through the front door. Clothing sizes range from extra small to extra large, making this store accessible to all dogs. By always posting clothes to Facebook, The Yuppy Puppy has been able to feature their new arrivals and keep their store in business thanks to customers like Pam Eranian. In fact, encouraged by this success, Yuppy Puppy is considering expanding their efforts with a new line for cats.

What did I do wrong?

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